Vietnamese single-cup coffee filter kit

The filter kit used in Trung Nguyen coffeeshops in Vietnam for Cà phê sua dá (or Cafe sua da). The flavor obtained from these small and inexpensive brewers is incomparable. No paper filters needed, no big machine setup or cleaning needed to brew a simple cup of delicious coffee.

The new stainless steel version has a heavier insert and brews wonderfully. The weight of the insert is all that is needed… unlike other brands that rely on screw mechanisms to tighten the insert, the TN stainless insert is weight-balanced for perfect flow with no worries about tightening. The Stainless Steel construction lasts for years and stays spotless.

Please keep in mind that these filters brew a single cup of coffee in traditional volume, about 7 ounces of intense brew, generally expected to be sipped. These are not mug-volume or large quantity brewers. To brew more coffee, use more than one filter or see our French Coffee Press or Tea/Coffee Pot brewers.

Click here to see brewing instructions for these filters.


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