Using the Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter

The authentic Vietnamese cafe-style Phin filter makes one cup of exquisitely-brewed coffee at a time and is the ideal way to enjoy Southeast Asion coffees, including Kopi Luwak.

Not only does the mighty Phin brew a great cup of coffee, it’s also one of the easiest coffee-makers around. Don’t be put off by the extensive directions on this page – we’ve intentionally been very thorough. The actual brewing process is extremely simple and takes less than five minutes start-to-finish.

Written and Photographic Directions:


The kit includes the filter chamber, filter press, cup spanner, and cap. Some people prefer a glass mug or cup because they can watch the progress of the brewing.
This method takes about 4-6 minutes from start to finish, if you have the right amount of coffee and the right grind. If it drips too fast, add more coffee or make the grind finer. If it brews too slow, make the grind coarser or use less coffee.
Typically you should use a rounded tablespoon of coffee to start, and then adjust from there if the time is not right

We recommend pre-heating the cup with a little hot water, because a lot of heat is lost in the small filter, and it is good to keep the coffee heat from going into heating the cup.

Put the coffee in the empty chamber of the filter. Tap the chamber a little to settle it so it will drain evenly. Put the chamber and the wide saucer spanner section over the cup you will be brewing into.

Put the insert inside on top of the coffee as shown, spin the insert once or twice to even out the coffee. then pour in a little water (a couple of tablespoons) to moisten and swell the coffee.

Wait about 20 seconds, then fill the chamber with hot water. The best temperature is 185° to 195°.

Place the lid on top and wait about 3 minutes for the water to drip through the grinds. Lift the lid to check on progress.

The best flavor is achieved in about 4 minutes. Water that drips through after that time may not be adding a lot of flavor to the coffee, so that is why it is best to adjust the amount of coffee to make it about a 4-minute brew.

When the chamber is empty, lift the filter assembly off the cup and turn the lid upside down, then place the filter assembly on it. The remaining drips of water will collect in the lid and keep your table clean.


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