The Ultimate BBQ Guide: From Food to Drinks and Everything In Between

People don’t realize how much work and preparation needs to go into a good BBQ. Sure, you could just slap some meat on a grill and leave it at that. But then you and your guests are going to have a very mediocre time.

A good BBQ should be something backed by passion. It is a great opportunity to bond with friends and family and to show off your cooking skills. And to have a few cheeky drinks as well while soaking up the sun. But planning a perfect BBQ isn’t as easy as it seems. So today we are going to walk through all the things you need to make a perfect BBQ.

A Perfect Garden

No one wants to sit in an overgrown and messy garden while they BBQ. The atmosphere is everything. To that end, you need to make sure your garden space is up to snuff. Firstly, make sure you have properly mowed the lawn and watered all your garden plants. Put some life back into nature.

Secondly, you will want to make sure you have some lovely garden furniture. A great idea is to get a sizable table to set up a good mixture of salads and sides on. And seating that can easily be moved so people can sit together. I recently redid my garden with a few of the patio products at Thanos Home and got in a professional landscaper to reconfigure the garden layout. The change in atmosphere was incredible. Most night I find it difficult to actually leave my garden because of how relaxing it is out there now.

A great inclusion for any garden is a firepit. When the sun starts to set and the dark approaches, nothing is better at building a warm atmosphere. Everyone can gather around, share stories, have a laugh together. And you can even roast a few marshmallows which is a great activity, especially if you have kids running about.

Picking the Best Food

Variety is the spice of life. So when picking your BBQ food, you will want to keep this in mind. A good selection of meats is key. We recommend some juicy beef burger, sausages, some marinated chicken wings, and maybe even some steaks as well.

Sides are just as important as the meat when it comes to a BBQ as well. Meat is fine, but without something extra, people will quickly get bored. A good, classic side is a selection of new potatoes buttered up and cooked in garlic. Topped with some seasoning, they will go down a treat.

Corn on the cob is another great side dish. They can be thrown on the BBQ and grilled to perfection. You will always want to have a good selection of salads. A good potato salad always goes down a treat. Macaroni salad is another good choice if you have a few fussy eaters around the table.

The Drinks

No good BBQ is complete without some good drinks to wet the whistle. But you need to have a good selection of drinks to cater to all sorts. The big two drinks for any BBQ are, of course, beer and wine. Both these drinks pair perfectly with outdoor eating.

We recommend going for white wine. It pairs better with the meats and the cold sides. And when it comes to beer you will want to ask your guests for their preference. We recommend buying a few crates of a cheaper beer that can go in an ice bucket. But you could also get a few craft beers and ales. Something a bit more upmarket.

You might consider making up a big jug of cocktail as well. Nothing goes better with good food in the sun than a fruity cocktail. We recommend something like a Passion Fruit Martini or perhaps a Sex on the Beach. If you are feeling really daring you could brew up a few espresso martinis for the end of the night. If traditional cocktails aren’t your thing you could whip up a few gin cocktails instead. They are simple to make and are perfect after-dinner drinks.


A good BBQ isn’t all about the food. Entertainment is key to keeping the night going and keeping spirits high. The food is the centerpiece, but the activities are what people will stay for.

One of the best BBQs I ever attended the host had taken the initiative and hired out some inflatable sumo suits and battle sticks. He set up a tournament-style battle where people took turns standing on garden chairs facing each other and had to work to knock the other player off their chair. Everyone was laughing for hours watching their friends battle it out.

Space hopper races are another great idea. Nothing is funnier than watching a group of adults bouncing along with the garden. Especially after a few drinks. You also might want to bring a few good drinking games to the table as well. If your guests don’t know each other that well you could play a few rounds of ‘Never have I ever or something like that. Or you could use a few game apps like Piccolo. If your friends are bigger drinkers, you might want to play Ring of Fire or Ride the Bus. But these games can lead to a lot of drinking.


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