The most expensive foods from around the world

Everyone loves a bit of a flavour on their palates. Sometimes one wishes to go to an expensive restaurant and try out a costly dish. But how rare and costly a dish can get. Usually, the food that we find across the globe is pretty affordable. But did you know those specific categories of food are the most expensive ones in the world? In this article, we will be talking about the most expensive food items in the world. And where you can find them!

Matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake mushroom in Japan fresh market 

These types of mushrooms are from Asian countries. They sell for $600 for a 1Kg. One can find them in Japan. Unfortunately because of insect infestation as well as trees growing in their habitat. The population of these types of mushrooms has decreased drastically. Researchers say that there is a chance that they would go extinct in the future. The US Department of Agriculture provides records that mushrooms exposed to UV rays, whether they are sunlight or a product of lamps with UV radiation, contain significant amounts of vitamin D. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, even after harvest, ergosterol in mushrooms is converted to vitamin D2, a process that is now being used to increase the amount of vitamin D in mushrooms for the retail functional food market. In a comprehensive assessment of the safety of vitamin D production in fresh mushrooms, researchers have shown that artificial UV light technologies are as effective for vitamin D production as in fungi exposed to natural sunlight and that UV light has long records of safe use in vitamin D production in mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms and shiitake are a particularly rich source of vitamin D, but this vitamin can also be found in mushrooms if they are exposed to enough (UV) light. Harvested mushrooms are exposed to light at 10 to 15 hours. It is not necessary for them to be directly in the sun, but it is enough to leave them in the room, by the window. It would be good to ensure the flow of air that dries the air near the fungus, because otherwise it can decompose proteins, which causes spoilage, decay. Mushroom growing is a branch of agriculture that deals with mushrooms (or mushrooms, as they are more often called in mushrooms used in the diet) or an interest in them for the purpose of collecting edible species for food or for satisfying one’s own curiosity. People who are engaged in mushroom growing (mushroom growers) often associate in mushroom growing societies. Mushroom growing should not be confused with mycology, a branch of biology that studies fungi.

The term mushroom growing also includes mushroom growing. For simplicity, saprotrophic fungi are grown first and foremost, for which the most important thing is to provide the appropriate substrate, humidity and temperature. The most commonly grown mushrooms are (Agaricus biosporus), oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) and shiitake (Lentinula edodes). Mycorrhizal fungi are much more difficult to grow, because they require a connection with a live plant. Mushrooms are also important for humans and can be edible, conditionally edible, inedible, poisonous and deadly poisonous. Rules exist, so it can be said that porcini mushrooms are edible, except when they have red spores or red “marks” on the stalk. However, there is no sure way to distinguish these groups and they can only be distinguished by experts. Also, when preparing food, it is necessary to heat heat mushrooms from the group of conditionally edible, because certain toxins are destroyed at high temperatures.

Kopi luwak coffee

Luwak coffee beans

This type of coffee is found in Southern India, Philippines and Indonesia. They are the most expensive coffee in the world. And their cost is around $250 to about $1200 per kilogram. They are sold and produced in industrial quantities in the countries as mentioned above. It is mostly famous for how it is processed because it is done in a very specialized manner.

White Pearl albino caviar

The albino caviar is one of the most expensive caviar’s that is sold for 8500 euros. These caviars are found from the albino sturgeon. So if you ever want to taste this caviar be prepared to have sufficient cash for it. Because they can be pretty rare depending upon their age. And also because they are not always found in the albino Sturgeon. This means that they rarely produce them. These are extracted from the Caspian Sea and are sold in specific caviar stores.


Pile of saffron in glass jar

Saffron is found in the northern state of India, which is Jammu and Kashmir. They sell for $400 to around $1000 per kilogram. These are a rarity; therefore, the cost is so high along with the flavour that the ingredient gives out in the dishes. Moreover, this is what makes it one of the most expensive food ingredients out there. Also, they need to pick 300,000 Flowers to meet the demand for one kg of saffron.

Japanese wagyu steak

Matsusaka wagyu japanese beef teppanyaki steak

These steaks are made from authentic Japanese beef. They are one of the most delicious and expensive types of meat globally because this meat has an excellent and strong aroma and has a marble texture. Along with having a famously known buttery texture. Moreover, it is what makes it expensive as well. The cost of 1 kilogram for this meat is around $450.

Moose cheese

You heard it correctly. Moose cheese is one of the most expensive types of cheeses that are present in the world. It is specifically produced only in a moose house farm which is in Sweden. To make this type of cheese, one needs moose milk. It also represents the colour and appearance of feta cheese. For one kilogram around thousand euros is charged.  


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