Ten weird foods that are found across the world


Food is pivotal for sustenance. However, some places have taken the food game to a whole different level. In this article, we will be talking about the top ten weird food cuisines consumed by people across the world. And just a heads up, some of these might just gross you out. So, you have been warned already.

We are starting with the most common known weird food. We have a century egg.

Century egg From China

It is a widely famous known and consumed delicacy. The eggs are covered in clay, ash along with salt for several months. They are kept in that place unless the yolk turns dark green and you can smell Sulphur in the air. Many Chinese people love to eat this delicacy more often.

Tuna eyeballs

Suppose you are a person who cleans tuna up personally after purchasing it from the market. Then make sure that you are not throwing away the eyeballs. Many street vendors in Japan so tuna eyeballs alongside seasoned garlic or soy sauce. Moreover, many people said that it tastes a little bit like squid.

Deep fried Tarantulas

These tarantulas are KFC fried chicken, but except the chicken, it is the tarantula. They are widely consumed in Cambodia. However, many people consume it during lunchtime because they consider it as one.

White ant eggs

White Ant eggs soup is consumed in Laos. They are one of the most unusual and bizarre types of soup in the world. It consists of a mixture of Ant eggs along with embryo from the white and. And many of them even add baby white ants to add sourness.

Jellied moose nose

This savoury dishes consumed in Canada. They boil the nose of the moose and remove their hair and again boil it. And then it is later consumed as abroad which turns into Jelly.


It is commonly known as corn smut. The people consume tumour like growth that is found on corn kernels. It is a fungus. And the Mexicans consider it as a culinary speciality. Moreover, please enjoy the muddy flavour of the fungus.

Fermented horse milk

This horse milk is consumed in Mongolia. And it is not considered as anything unusual. However, they make it in the form of beer. For this, they take the mare’s milk and fermented until it turns into alcohol. 

Rotten cheese

You must have heard of this rotten cheese which is consumed in Italy. However, you have two options. You can either consume it with maggots or without maggots. And you may or may not have a tongue burning delicacy.

Frozen whale skin

Frozen whale scale is a delicacy in Greenland. Many people consume it either as raw or in pickle form. One might even confuse it between liquorice. 


It can be considered as a Slavic traditional delicacy. It consists of eating slabs of fat, back as a whole. Smoked fat is consumed unlike along with meat. It is eaten with or without skin and is smoked to cook it.

There is a lot of unusual and strange food around the world that we frown at, even though it is actually a real specialty. Such is the case with the famous Mexican specialty Huitlacoche, which is no less or more than infected corn. It is the most widespread corn disease in the world, known in our country as vesicular snout, which destroys entire fields of corn, and manifests itself in the form of blisters. These blisters or tumors on the corn cob are actually edible mushrooms, which is why the growths are called Mexican truffles. These mushrooms were also eaten in Aztec cuisine, and today they are a favorite Mexican specialty and an ingredient in many Mexican dishes which, due to their nutty taste, give them a special umami flavor. In the Mexican market, this infected corn has a higher price than ordinary corn, and corn fields are even intentionally infected with the parasitic fungus that causes the disease. Huitlacoche or corn tumors are healthier than the grain of healthy corn itself, because they contain lysine, one of the essential amino acids that our body cannot produce, and is needed for, among other things, bones and skin. 

Insects, worms and caterpillars

Although insects are considered the most exotic specialty, this is the most disgusting food for us. We are disgusted by the very thought of her. Many of us have eaten worms in cherries, or we have packed honey even though it is made by a bee that is – an insect, but we don’t mind. Insects are consumed in all stages of development – eggs, larvae, caterpillars … And in all forms – locusts, crickets, termites, spiders … In Mexico, a large number of specialties are made from insects. Ahauatle is a dish made from beetle eggs that live in water, and revoltijo is a beetle egg mixed with chicken eggs, a traditional Christmas dish. In Nepal, the specialty bakuti is eaten, which is made from the larvae of large bees. The ancient Greeks and Romans ate locusts and crickets, and desert locusts were an indispensable part of the diet in the Middle East. 

A fermented salmon head is also a traditional dessert that originates from Alaska. After removal, the head is buried in the ground where it resides for several weeks. As you might guess – during that time it starts to rot. Before complete decomposition, it is dug up and served as a cold specialty.


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