Ten foods one must consume when in Europe

Europe consists of a vast number of countries. And just like anyone else you two want to taste the traditional food cuisine. But since Europe has so many countries, it can be a tad confusing which food categories must-have if you do not want to miss out on any of these essential foods. Then keep reading the article and make a list alongside reading. Here are the top 10 foods that you must eat while visiting Europe.

Arancini from Italy

Delicious hot Italian arancini – rice balls stuffed with cheese in tomato sauce

Arancini may not be a popularly known food item from Italy. It is because pizza and pasta take up a lot of attention from the travellers. They are a rice ball which is stuffed with meat, tomatoes, and several other toppings.

Waffles from Belgium

Belgium waffles with berries and ice cream

To get the real taste of the authentic Belgian waffles, you need to visit Belgium. These are one of the most delicious desserts that you will ever have throughout your trip to Europe.

Pierogi from Poland

Process of sculpting home-made pierogi. grandma prepares

Pierogi from Poland is East European dumpling. They are made out of dough which is mostly filled with potatoes or ground meat. No matter what topping you go for. Make sure that you top it off with butter or fried onion.

Ćevapi from Bosnia

If you are ever going to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure that you never miss out on their Ćevapi. They are a ground beef sausage which is skinless and are grilled. They are served with flatbreads, and roasted red Peppers spread.

Cheese fondue from Switzerland

Delicious fondue cheese

When you visit Switzerland, you should not only be eyeing their chocolate but also their cheese fondue. Many travellers like to call it is a heavenly cheese combination. Of the total milk production in Switzerland (about 3.5 million tons per year), about half is used for cheese production. About 10-12 liters of milk are needed to produce one kilogram of cheese. Thus, the annual cheese production is up to 160,000 tons. Although Emmentaler, Grier, Tilsiter, Appenzell, Zbrinc, Raklet, Tet d Mojn make up over two thirds of the production, the range of cheeses produced does not end there.

Almost all imaginable types of cheese can be found in Switzerland, from cheeses that have matured for only a few days to those that have matured over the years, then made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk, from raw milk, as well as vegetarian cheeses. Although the concentration of milk and dairy products producers could be noticed in recent years, there is also a tendency to move in the opposite direction – specialties are produced, especially in the environmental field. Even today, cheeses are made in small cheesecakes, such as Alpine cheese, which are produced by individuals, usually without any technical aids.

Goulash from Hungary

Goulash soup

It is the traditional Hungarian cuisine that you should not miss out on. It is also a comfort food for several people. So, if you ever visit hungry, this is the dish that you should go for. 

The preparation

Chop four medium onions and fry them in two melted tablespoons of fat (if you don’t eat the fat, you can also use oil) and when the onion softens, add three full tablespoons of sweet ground pepper and half a tablespoon of hot ground pepper (adjust the amount of hot pepper to your taste, I use extra hot ground paprika and the dish is quite hot) and simmer on low heat for a few minutes until the paprika releases the aroma well. This step is crucial because the essence of a good Hungarian stew is in the pepper that is used in larger quantities. Also pay attention to fry the paprika at a very low temperature because it can burn very quickly. After you have combined the peppers and onions, add the beef and mix everything well, and then fry the meat for a few minutes. Then add diced potatoes, stir, add half a liter of beef soup and half a liter of tomato sauce to taste. I add the one I make myself but you can also buy. Cook the dish for about 2 hours at a medium temperature, occasionally adding soup. But don’t add too much soup because it’s crucial that the excess liquid evaporates and that the stew becomes thick on its own and from the potatoes because I’m told that making a stew never thickens with flour. I left a little thinner stew because it tastes so good to me.

Currywurst from Germany

Curry wurst with sauce and french fries

Currywurst is one of the most famous German fast food that you will hear from any traveller or a German citizen. It is served with sliced meat and seasoned with Curry flavoured ketchup and served with French fries.

Potica from Slovenia

Potica slovenian traditional sweet roll with jam

It is a traditional natural that is made from dough which is sweet. It is then rolled like a log and then put in the oven for cooking. Moreover, it is a very delicious dessert that you do not want to skip.

Köttbullar from Sweden


Or more commonly known as Swedish meatballs. They are made in such an exquisite way that will make you forget any other meatball you have tasted before. Writing this already makes us hungry so let us book a ticket to Sweden.

Haloumi and watermelon from Cyprus

Grilled halloumi cheese and fresh tomato salad

This fish is most popularly consumed in Cyprus, especially during the summer season. It is really simple but tastes amazing, just like heaven. Moreover, you can also make it at home.


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