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There are a recent price and demand in Korean cuisine nowadays. Because of this demand, you just like anyone else would be tempted to try out this mystery cuisine. This article will help you in understanding and clearing your doubts. You will finally get to know what the hype is about and the type of food that you should be waiting for in the future.


Kimchi is the first Korean traditional dish that comes in mind whenever someone talks about Korean food. And if you ever had Korean cuisine before you would have noticed that you are served this small dish. It is a pickled side dish that is usually served alongside Korean food. They come in various types such as vegetarian and non-vegetarian. So make sure that you are missing out on this food. Our personal favourite would be lettuce kimchi.


This Korean dish is another popularly consumed dish in South Korea. It is a nutritious food which is available in all restaurants across Korea. And even in the street market. And according to the region which you are visiting. You will have the special bibimbap of that region. It consists of a rise along with mixed vegetables and any meat. However, you can also find a raw seafood version of it.

Rice cakes (tteokbokki)

This is the most common and popularly known Korean dish across the world. You may have noticed several K pop artists consuming this dish regularly. It is loved by all people whether they are Korean or not. Moreover, spicy tteokbokki is loved by several people. So make sure to try tteokbokki if you ever visit South Korea.


Bulgogi literally means “meat fire” which means barbeque. It is widely consumed across Korea and internationally in Korean restaurants. Moreover, several people enjoy this cuisine because of the excellent taste and the marination of the meat. And you have to cook it yourself on griller provided.

Korean stew

Korean Stew is one of the most famous food dishes eaten by people. You will often notice that rice cakes are added in a pot and are cooked with noodles and spicy sauce. They are also vegetables added in the pot for more flavour. It is a delicious dish to consume during the winter seasons or while having a night out.

Black bean noodles

Black bean noodles is a Korean dish that is loved by everyone so much. The natives of South Korea they have assigned a day to eat only black bean noodles, which is April 14th. Those who do not have a Valentine usually spend their day eating black bean noodles. Instant noodles are cheap, delicious and, if you buy those in styrofoam cups, you don’t even need a plate and cutlery to enjoy a hot meal. (“Meal” is probably too generous a word.) Especially for freshmen who live in a dormitory and do not have access to a kitchen, instant snacks are offered that are easy to prepare when there is a famine and the canteen or cafeteria is closed. There is probably a small percentage of students who do not really live from it, but still eat them most of the night. Which begs the question: were instant noodles healthy at all for you? And what would happen if you ate them all the time, say six or even seven nights a week? Abby Sharp, a dietitian from Toronto and author of the book Mindful Glow Cookbook says “In a package of instant noodles to which only water needs to be added, you have nothing but carbohydrates and salt. The same goes for those noodle bricks that need a few minutes of cooking.

Sharpe says noodles have little or no fiber or protein, which are the two primary food components that make a person feel full after a meal. So, it is unlikely that the noodles will saturate you for a very long time, she says. “They also have very few micronutrients, so they don’t contribute anything significant in terms of useful vitamins or antioxidants.” Let’s say you’re hungry and decide to grind two servings of those noodles in styrofoam cups. Depending on the specific product you purchased, a serving could contain 1,150 milligrams of sodium (or more). “It’s a lot,” says Jim White, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and owner of the Jim White Fitness studio. White points out that the United States Nutrition Guidelines recommend that adults do not consume more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day.

Two servings of noodles in a glass already reach that limit – and that doesn’t include pizza, fast food and other junk full of sodium that students usually practice. Consuming too much salt can increase a person’s risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke in the long run, the CDC warns. But in the short term, absorbing so much sodium is likely to lead to serious water retention, White says. That can lead to weight gain and feelings of bloating, slowness and lethargy, he says. All that sodium would also lead to dehydration, especially if a student pours noodles with half a crate of beer or a few vodka-red bulls. Dehydration can lead to poor physical and cognitive function, including problems with memory and attention maintenance – which is not ideal if the student is approaching the exam. It can also cause headaches and constipation, according to research from the University of North Carolina. 

Korean fried chicken

The title of this food dish does the talking for us. There are several YouTubers and Koreans who upload videos as they have Korean fried chicken. The chicken is tossed in a spicy sauce or any other sauce of choice. Again, this dish is loved by everyone, so do not miss out on it.


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