How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Cappuccino, espresso, mocha, latte, coffee comes in many shapes and sizes but what is it that truly makes a good cup of coffee a perfect cup of coffee. If you are reading this then you’re like me, and coffee is important to you. Being able to roll out of bed in the morning and sip down a coffee whilst booting up is an important part of my daily routine but making the perfect cup of coffee would be better. So, let take a journey and find us the perfect cup of coffee. Grab your favorite mug from the cupboard whack out the coffee grinder and let’s get to business. 

The Perfect Blend

First things first and arguably as important as the method is the coffee you are using. Though for the most part peoples will be using whatever standard instant coffee they have about if you really want to treat yourself try and get some proper well-made coffee. This will all be based on your own tastes so take time to experiment. Especially in local coffee shops and cafes that might be selling their own blends of coffee. You’ll be surprised at how many local places in your town or city are eagerly trying to sell off their various home blends of coffee to anyone who will take them so make sure you find a good reliable coffee that is right for you. 

Making coffee is something that seems like an easy experience. Pour water and coffee into an and presto you have coffee. And whilst yes you will have coffee, the extra five minutes of prep time can make a whole world of a difference. If you have a temperature gauge around the house keep that to hand, this will make sure you have the perfect temperature for expert coffee brewing. Also, make sure that if you are using filters to rinse them with hot water before brewing in order to provide the cleanest and tastiest cup of coffee you can get.  

Making the Brew

Now you have your coffee let’s make it drinkable. First off boil a kettle of water and leave to cool for a brief amount of time. Water boils at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is just a little too hot for what you will be wanting. Give it around 2-3 minutes to sit and cool after boiling. Next add about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to your cup, add slightly more or less to your own preference but don’t stray too dramatically. After this make sure to pour a small amount of the hot water into the mug, just enough to subdue the coffee in the mug then leave to stand for roughly 1 minute before stirring with a teaspoon and continuing to fill with water, make sure to stir as you slowly fill in order to get the best mix. Then ta-da you have a cup of coffee but don’t think you’re ready yet. Now is the time for your own personal preference. I like my coffee black but feel free to add creamer, milk, and sugar to your coffee to get it to reach your ideal coffee pallet. Then make sure to drink within 30 minutes. Don’t leave some out for later it won’t be worth it. Make the coffee when you need it in order to get the most out of the flavor.  

And there we go, a cup of coffee so tasty it would get a sloth up and about and ready to work. Now go enjoy your perfect cup of coffee and take on your day with a great start! 


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