Five Best Mocktails From Around The World You Must Try


Mocktails have become the latest trend. Nowadays, people like to drink different types of mocktails when they go out to eat.

It is a mixture of multiple drinks and ingredients without alcohol. This strange concoction has become one of the biggest highlights for travellers.

Each country has a specific mocktail to represent geography and culture. They use the ingredients available in the region to prepare the mocktails.

Out of all the mocktails in the world, there are some which you must try. If you are a traveller, you must try these five delicious mocktails form around the world.

Azahar (Mallorca):

It is a sweet concoction which a hint of citrus. The inspiration behind this drink is Soller Oranges. These oranges grow near Soller Hotel. There are many ingredients in this drink. You will find oranges, cream, marmalade and many other things. The sweet taste comes from white chocolate syrup. You can enjoy this drink at Sunset Sushi Lounge in Mallorca. You can simply lounge and enjoy this drink with a fantastic view.

Vittaveli Refresher (The Maldives):

You can enjoy this mocktail in the Maldives. It is made using rosemary, hibiscus and blueberries. The sweet taste comes with rosemary and blueberries. To make it a bit tangy, they add tangy hibiscus syrup. Then there is spice syrup to make it a bit spicy. The mocktail appears to be pink in colour. It is an exotic drink with a refreshing taste. You will find this drink at B4R bar. You can simply lounge in the bar watch the sunset and drink this heavenly mocktail. The rosemary with hibiscus syrup, aromatic, home-infused spice syrup and fresh blueberries, Vittaveli Refresher is a lovely liquid from the Maldives. The deep fuchsia pink drink is exotic, refreshing and inspired by the tropical beauty of Bolifushi Island. Slink into a wooden cabana at B4R bar at sunset with a Vittaveli Refresher in hand and watch the endless Maldivian skies get darker and darker. 

Honey Rider (Frankfurt):

As the name goes, this mocktail is made from honey. If you visit Frankfurt, you need to try this mocktail. You will find this mocktail at Ember Bar & Lounge. There are honeybee hives at the hotel’s skyline. They use fresh honey from the hives to prepare this drink. It contains honey, apple orange, raspberry and passion fruit juice. They mix all the juices with honey and serve it. It is an aromatic drink with the natural aroma of fresh honey.

Candy Spice (Abu Dhabi):

This drink is a perfect combination of sugar and spice. It tastes sweet in the beginning but will surprise you with the hidden spice taste. You will get this drink at Nahaam restaurant in Abu Dhabi. It contains strawberry, lemon, Tabasco sauce and cranberry. It is sour, sweet as well as spicy. 

You can enjoy this tropical drink while watching Arabian Gulf.

Rosebud (Dubai):

If you love the smell of fresh roses, you will definitely love this mocktail. Rose is an essential ingredient in the Middle East. This cocktail contains rose water as well as rose colour. You can get it at Mandhar Lobby Lounge. They prepare it in a jug and pour it in your glass. It contains strawberry tea, strawberry syrup, mixed berries, rose water and mango tea. 

These are the five delicious mocktails you need to try when you travel to these places around the world. 

The warning:

Popular cocktails can be extremely dangerous to your health because they contain up to seven different types of alcohol, writes The Sun. In addition to alcohol, drinking large amounts of cocktails can seriously damage the heart, liver, stomach and brain, and is also linked to cancer.

The problem with mixed drinks like cocktails is that you don’t know what’s all inside. Cocktails can contain a range of different types of substances that are formed during fermentation and can cause a hangover, explained Professor Paul Wallace from the British Drinkaware Association.

– Excessive drinking of large amounts of alcohol can cause coma, seizures, and there is a danger of suffocation in your own vomit – said Dr. Carol Cooper.

In addition, you must thoroughly wash and clean the glasses you’re using to prevent infections and diseases. Hence, it is highly recommended to use professional bar glass washers for this purpose.

The Union of French Pharmacists has warned of the devastating effects of a new cocktail drug, called “Purple Drank”, a mixture of cough syrup and allergy medicine that can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription, French media reported on Saturday. 

Young people in France are increasingly making this cocktail, which has become popular, because it causes euphoria, drowsiness and hallucinations. Some cough syrups and allergy medications contain two opiates – codeine and dextomethorphan, which, in addition to their healing effects, can be used as a drug in higher concentrations. Pharmacists stated that young people are increasingly buying these drugs over-the-counter and adding carbonated drinks or alcohol, even other opiates, to the cocktail. “Opiates slow down breathing, which is why there is a danger of an immediate interruption of oxygen supply and cessation of breathing. This can lead to coma. A drugged person is often confused and does not know whether he is falling asleep or not breathing anymore,” the pharmacists added.  That cocktail appeared in the USA a few years ago, and it was named “purple drink” because of the color of the cough syrup. “The pharmacist has an ethical obligation and can refuse to sell the medicine if he estimates that it will not be beneficial to the patient,” said the president of the union, Isabel Adeno.


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