Discover the Stoneware Tea and Coffee Brewing Set

The tea set in Sleek Black

Above you can see pictures of both colors of Stoneware Tea and Coffee Brewing Sets. The gold stickers are the symbol of the manufacturer and can be removed. With the filter and the lid removed, as shown above, it can put in the microwave to heat the water, and it is easy to clean.

When using the teapot to brew two to three cups of tea, simply place two to three teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into the filter, then fill the teapot with hot water (not too full). We recommend 160°F for green tea, 195°F for coffee. Then, when the tea is done two to three minutes later, remove the filter and discard the spent leaves.

Alternatively, if you want to brew traditional homestyle coffee in the pot, simply place two to three tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter and then fill the pot with hot water. You will need to pour it into the pot slowly, since the water will need time to seep into the coffee. Stirring the grounds a couple of times will help. Then, about four minutes later, remove the filter and discard the coffee grounds. This method produces a delicious result similar to that of a French Coffee Press. Enjoy!


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