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EZ-Cup is the best solution we’ve found for Keurig k-cup machines. Keurig’s own My K-Cup uses a metal filter, which just doesn’t give a good brew; My-Kap re-uses the actual K-cups themselves, which works great, but is a little fiddly and requires that you keep buying K-cups so you can use them.

EZ-Cup, on the other hand, is a re-usable device that holds its own disposable, biodegradable paper filter. This gives you the best brew possible in a Keurig machine, while reducing waste and improving economy. Most coffees brew well this way; we’ve tried it with a number of Trung Nguyen coffees, our Liberica, and Nacha Thai coffee, and all came out quite good.

Use is very simple. Place a single paper filter into the EZ-Cup, fill with ground coffee, fold the little paper flap over, and press the lid on top to hold it all together. Then just stick it into your Keurig like a regular K-cup, and you’re on your way! But if you’d like more detail, here’s our own video instructions:


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