Discover Philippines Kopi Luwak
– Café Alamid by Bote Central

Exclusive USA distributor! Bote Central recently appeared in the New York Times

We are certified distributors of Bote Central coffee. This is authentic civet coffee, gathered in the forested regions of the Philippines from the rare wild civet variety Paradoxorus Philippinensis. Wild civets freely select their own coffee berries and live in their native habitat, but are vulnerable to hunting. Coffee Alamid supports the livelihood of the forest dwellers and helps protect the civets and their habitat – and it is delicious!

This coffee is the first civet coffee we tried, the one that made us determined to offer civet coffee in our store. It’s a slightly darker roast than the Sumatran kopi luwak, and is a multi-species blend, giving it a sweet, full-bodied, complex and slightly chocolaty taste with a clean finish. Civet coffee is low in acid, free of bitterness, full-bodied and naturally sweet, some of the effects of the enzymes that break down the cellulose structure of the beans and release more than 25 flavor compounds normally locked inside.

As shown, the coffee comes in a glass jar with a scroll telling the story of the coffee and the company that produced it, all wrapped in our beautiful gold lamé gift bag. Great gift for a coffee gourmet… it’s on every coffee lover’s Bucket List!

How is this coffee different from our Sumatran Kopi Luwak?

  • Wild civets
  • Blended from multiple coffee species
  • Darker roast
  • Richer, more complex flavor
  • Less emphasis on aroma
Volcanic mountains in the Philippines


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