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The incredible My-Kap is an innovative little device that fits over the top of an existing K-Cup, enabling you to re-use the Cup several times. Each time, you can fill it with your choice of coffees, including our delicious Vietnamese coffees.

Re-using your K-Cups saves up to 20 cents per cup, reduces waste, and allows you to enjoy an infinite selection of coffee varieties!

The My-Kap is easy to usedishwasher-safe, and durable. It is smaller and easier to clean, store, and use than Keurig’s My K-Cup and does not require messing with the machine at all. Simply peel the foil off the top of your used K-Cup, rinse it, put in a spoonful of your desired coffee, and press the My-Kap in place; then insert into the machine as you would a regular K-Cup.

My-Kap inserted into K-Cup
and ready to use

Each My-Kap comes with detailed, illustrated instructions on using, storing and cleaning it, but after using it once, you will find it delighfully intuitive and simple to use. Also included is a little tool that helps get the My-Kap back off of the K-Cup after using it.

While Keurig’s own My K-Cup does not require the used K-Cup, we have found it to be more fiddly to use, store, and clean, and we also prefer the flavor of the coffee brewed with the My-Kap. The paper filters inside the K-Cups produce a better result than the wire mesh filter inside the My K-Cup, which brews too quickly for most coffees.

We carry the My-Kaps so people can enjoy our delicious Vietnamese coffee on their Keurig machines, but we do not stock large quantities. 

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