Discover Bantai Civet Coffee

This environmentally and ethically sound coffee comes from the Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park in the Philippines. The park shelters the rare Philippines civet and is also home to the native people who live in communion with the civets and their forest. The Robusta trees grow in shade at an unusually high altitude, a unique growing method for Robusta that produces extremely smooth and luxurious coffee with hints of almond, spice and fruit.

Purchase of this coffee supports the maintenance and expansion of the park, as well as protection for the endangered civets and the preservation of the indigenous tribal community of Asiputo. It’s also an opportunity to try Robusta like you’re never had it before!

Of course, the Luwak process is always an organic process, and many forest-gathered Kopi Luwak varieties may be organic as well; however, since the civets are wild, their diet usually cannot be certain. Bantai civet coffee can state confidently that they are organic because their civets live in an organic preserve and no non-organic coffee grows within their range.

Each bag of Bantai Civet Coffee comes with a free gift bag, as pictured, and a laminated information sheet describing the coffee and its origins.

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Discover Philippines Kopi Luwak
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