Dinner Party Planning: Your 2021 Guide to Wowing your Friends

In the last year or so it is likely that you haven’t had the chance to see your friends as much as you would like and when you did get to see them, it was from a distance of two meters. As the world is starting to return to the way that we know it,  you may be looking for a way to get together and catch up after a year apart.  One of the best ways that you can sit down and really find the time to chat is by having a dinner party. A dinner party can be a lot of work and so it is likely that none of your friends are rushing to be the hosts, so the responsibility must fall on you.  

If you are someone that has very little experience in the world of dinner party hosting, then you may feel as though you are at a loss. Hosting a dinner party takes a lot of time and preparation and if you really want to impress your friends, you have to do it right.  If you invite your friends over for breakfast, you have to make sure that you have some eggcellent selection and if you are hosting an evening cheese and wine night, you have to ensure that it is a night to camembert.  All of these food puns aside, we do have some great advice on how to plan the perfect dinner party to wow your friends.  

Make sure drinks are flowing  

When hosting a dinner party, not a lot of people appreciate that picking the right drinks is just as important as picking the right food. We recommend that you pick out a great selection of wine that matches well with the rest of your menu. Wine only enhances the flavor of your drink and brings out all of the subtle notes of your food that may have previously been missed.  

There are some rules with pairing your wine to your meal that you may not know about, so if you are lucky enough to have a local wine store, be sure to speak to the sommelier and ask for some advice on what wines may best fit your dish. If you haven’t seen your friends in quite a while, it can be awkward to know where to start the conversation and what to say. A nice drink alleviates any of this awkwardness and makes it easier to get some conversation flowing.  

Start light  

A big mistake that a lot of people hosting a dinner party make is overfeeding their guests in the first course. Overfeeding your guests on the first course will simply mean that they will feel too full to enjoy the rest of their meal and it may make them feel quite sluggish, which is the last thing that you want when you are hosting a dinner party. 

If you are not sure what light starter to serve, you can always go for a classic salad or soup. Something that is popular now is making small taster plates at the start of the meal so you can give your guests an idea of the overall tone that your food will have. This is a great way to give your guests an opportunity to crave more of your food, which means they will likely finish off the main.  


Ask your guests their preferences 

There is nothing worse than planning a menu, cooking the food, and then finding out that your guests hate what you are serving. To avoid this being the case, be sure to check with your guests ahead of your meal plan. Ask them what they cannot eat and what they love, so then you can plan a menu based on this. 

Your guests will also appreciate that you have gone to the effort to make sure that they are catered to, which will instantly set the night off in a great mood. You should also ask them for their preferences when it comes to cooking the meat you will be serving, as many people prefer their meats in different ways, and catering to their specific likes will mean they will enjoy the meal much more.  


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