Cooking Basics: Everything you Need to Learn as a Beginner

If you are someone that has been thinking of picking up a brand new life skill or hobby, then you may have looked into learning how to cook. Though we are all expected to be able to cook, many of us simply do not have a natural talent that so many chefs have. For a lot of us, doing something as simple as remembering to turn the timer on while you cook can be a bit of a challenge, so being able to construct delicious meals may seem like a bit of a mountain to climb.  

Even if you are afraid to start, being able to cook is something that everyone should be able to do at some point and there is no better time than now to learn. We recommend that you jump straight into it, but before you do there are some things you need to learn as a beginner.  

Make sure that you have some recipes to follow 

If you are completely unfamiliar with cooking, then we recommend that you keep some recipes to hand. If you want to, you can purchase a cooking book from a store or online, but during the initial stages, we just recommend that you google recipes based on the foods that you already like. Online there are many options to choose from and so you are bound to find one that matches your skill level.  

Before you start cooking, make sure that you have your recipe in a visible location. We recommend that you write your recipe down as if you try to read it off your phone or computer screen, the screen may go off and you may need to scroll, which you can’t really do if your hands are covered in food.  Writing it down will give you a bit of a chance to learn the recipe too, so you won’t have to worry about having to read it after every step.  

Make Food For Different Audiences.

One of the best ways that you can improve your own ability as a chef is by cooking food for a variety of audiences. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the foods we make and if you are someone that doesn’t cook regularly, you may find yourself in even more of a rut.  

We recommend that you cook for people with a variety of culinary needs and if you really want to branch out, you can try and cook food for another species entirely. A popular trend that popped up during lockdown was making dog treats at home. Why not push it one further and put your culinary hand at making CBD treats to calm nervous dogs. You can actually purchase cbd oil for dogs that you can use to make a variety of foods. We recommend that you add it to a dog biscuit base. Making CBD biscuits has a lot of benefits for dogs that suffer from anxiety and chronic pain, so not only will you be improving your own cooking skills but you will be offering some help to a suffering animal.  

Attend a cooking a class 

If you are someone that really wants to improve your cooking ability, then some of the best advice that we can offer you is to attend a cooking class. A lot of people are practical workers and so just reading a recipe simply is not enough to learn all of the practical skills that they need in order to be a successful chef. If you are someone that relates to being a practical learner, then you may benefit from a trip to a cooking class.  

Not only do you get practical experience, but you can also meet a lot of people that are in the same circumstance as you. You are not the only one that isn’t great at cooking and you can make friends along the way. A cooking class will teach you all of the basic skills that you may not have even realized that you didn’t have, which you will be able to apply to a number of recipes.  

Make sure you have the right kitchen equipment 

There is nothing worse than starting a recipe and realizing that you don’t have the right kitchen equipment to actually finish it. There are some basics that you need to make sure you have, such as a blender and measuring scales. A lot more recipes than you may think to require the use of these items in their recipes and you don’t want to be caught short after you have already purchased the ingredients.  

As well as having the right kit for the job, you should also make sure that you have the necessary basic tools. This means stuff like a good set up of knives, pans, and basic equipment such as a potato peeler and grater. One of the tools that people frequently forget about that is necessary to your success as a chef is a tin opener, as this is not something you need to use frequently but is needed in many recipes.  

You can usually buy these tools in a set at most major retailers, doing this will make sure that you are not forgetting any of the important items that you need and so you don’t have to worry about running back to the store in a panic.  


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