Coffees you must try before you die

Cappuccino, Lattes, Espressos…. There is so much one can do with a small bean. The list of coffees once can make from these humble beans is so extensive that one may need notes to keep track of them. Being one of the famous and favourite beverages in the world, coffee attracts the attention of all. It doesn’t matter if you are a new bird or a coffee connoisseur, all can enjoy a cup of coffee; however, you prefer. Hot or cold!!! It’s a matter of personal choice. 
Let us discover the most extensively consumed and extremely famous coffees the world loves. 


It is the most basic type of coffee. Just ground coffee beans steeped in hot water. And Voila!! Your drink is ready. If you prefer a fancy term, call it café noir, as a connoisseur would say. Coffee plants are grown in over 70 countries, primarily in the equatorial regions of South America, South Asia, India and Africa. The two most commonly grown and most in demand species are Arabica, and less sophisticated but stronger and more durable – Robusta. This second species is resistant to caffeine leaf rust, Hemileia vastatrix, although it has a bitter taste. When ripe, the coffee beans are harvested, processed and dried. Green (unroasted) coffee beans are one of the best-selling agricultural products in the world. After sale, the beans are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired taste, after which they are ground and cooked to get coffee.


With the advent of fancy coffeehouses, the latte has paved its way into the hearts of the customers. The drink is a mix of steamed milk with a shot of espresso and a touch of foam. For the contemporaries, it now comes in different flavours like vanilla and the world-renowned Pumpkin spice. There is also iced coffee late. Coffee late is of Italian origin where it is called caffè e latte. Late is popular in many countries, although not in its original, Italian, variant.

It is the latte-twin with less steamed milk and extra foam. It often comes sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa powder on the top with flavours to choose from. It is made with an espresso machine, which is poured into the lower third of the cup. Then a similar amount of milk is added and finally foam, which can be decorated with milk drawings.

Americano has a similar taste to black coffee, and not for people with a sweet tooth. The drink is simple to make, a mere shot of espresso in hot water. For the best flavour, pour espresso first then the hot water. The drink was invented in Italy during the Second World War for Americans as an analogue of the American popular filter drink regular. The only thing these two drinks had in common was a large volume and not very concentrated taste. Americano is made from one or two servings of espresso to which 30 to 470 ml of hot water is added. During the preparation process, hot water can be taken either from the espresso machine or from a separate kettle or heater. The Long Black coffee drink is similar in composition, but different in recipe.

It is mostly works as a foundation for other drinks like macchiatos and lattes. However, it can be consumed solo. The coffee preparation method by passing hot water (about 90 ° C) under pressure (about 9 bar) through a filter with ground coffee. Espresso is very popular all over the world and, above all, in the south of Europe – in Italy, Spain and Portugal. In Russia, the word espresso has been used since the early 1990s, replacing the name small double that was used earlier.


Doppio is absolutely similar to espresso but with a double shot. An ideal drink to add extra zest to your morning. Actually, a doppio itself is an espresso made with two loads, extracted using a double coffee filter. This results in 60 ml of drink, twice as much as a conventional espresso. It is also called a double standard and is a standard for judging the quality of a competing barista. The word doppio means double in Italian.

It is the perfect combination of warm steamed milk with espresso. The acidity of the espresso is perfectly balanced by the milk.

Red Eye
The drink’s name comes from the irksome late night flights. Red eye can cure your jet lag and late-night struggles with sleep. It is an espresso shot added in a full hot cup of coffee, to set your heart racing.

With an origin in Portugal, the drink closely resembles cappuccino and latte. The only things that set them apart are it contains twice the quantity of milk, making it a lighter version of the former.

It is a long-pull espresso. The trick is the longer you pull gets you the additional caffeine you need.

Macchiato is a perfect medium between a doppio and a cappuccino. It is yet another espresso-based drink with a little foam on the top.

This drink is exclusively for chocolate lovers. It consists of chocolate espresso along with foam and steamed milk. 

It is espresso, but unlike the traditional espresso, it adds less hot water. This, in turn, creates a sweeter flavour as compared to espresso or a doppio for that matter. 

Flat White
It is a cappuccino drink sans foam or chocolate sprinkles on the top. Its origin is Australian.

Affogato is a haven for ice-cream lovers as it is served with an ice-cream with a shot or shots of espresso. 

Café au Lait
It is a splash of warm milk to the coffee. Mostly for the people preferring minimalism and eccentric flavour in their drink.

It is a blast of whiskey, black coffee, and sugar lavishly topped-up with whipped cream.


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