Beginners Guide to Using Hibachi Grills

Beginners Guide to Using Hibachi Grills

If you are someone that is eager to get back into the world of BBQing, then it is likely that you have already been browsing the internet to get clued up on the world of grills.  The world of BBQ grills has completely evolved over the last few decades and as BBQ enthusiasts, we are no longer limited to the standard large charcoal grills that many of us have become accustomed to.

There are now many kinds of BBQs, from electric to gas. As well as there being many kinds of BBQ grills, there are also millions of companies that are claiming that theirs are the best.

If you have spent some time extensively researching BBQs, then it is likely that you have stumbled across a Hibachi grill. It is likely that you have never stumbled across a Hibachi before as they are not very common in the western world of BBQing. Here is a beginner’s guide to using Hibachi grills, along with a quick rundown of what a Hibachi grill is.

What is a Hibachi grill?

The word Hibachi can be traced back to the Japanese language and it can be loosely translated to the term ‘traditional heating device’. Within Japanese homes, it is not unheard of to have small cooking devices in the center of the table, ready for meats and other foods to be cooked whenever they are needed, as opposed to being cooked earlier and left to go cold.

Though the Hibachi grills you can purchase in the US are not the same as the small cooking devices that are used throughout Japan, they work on the same basis.

Hibachi grills are small and portable grills that are used to BBQ smaller quantities of foods. They are usually placed on a table and have cast-iron grates to cook the food on. Hibachis use charcoal as a heat source and so are typically used to achieve that smoky flavor that we all love within our meat. If learning a little about what a Hibachi is has piqued your interest, be sure to check out this article on homegearx on the best hibachi grills so you can purchase one for your next BBQ.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Hibachi grill is, let’s get into how to use one.

Prepare your grill

The best way to ensure the success of any meal that you try to cook on your grill is by properly prepping your grill. First, you should give your grill a deep clean, even if your grill is brand new. Over time grills can accumulate dust and other bacteria that can create a foul smell once lit, which can be off-putting if you plan on eating.

Use the right charcoal

When you are using a bigger grill, you can usually get away with using just about any charcoal. However, with a Hibachi grill, you are much more exposed to any smoke or odour that may be produced by your grill. It is recommended that you try and get yourself some binchotan. This is a type of charcoal that is commonly used throughout Japan and it is incredibly dense and can stay lit for up to 5 hours without creating a foul smell or creating a lot of thick smoke.  The best thing about this kind of coal is that it can be reused, which means that you are not just working your way through fossil fuels whenever you feel like cooking up some meat.

Heating your coals

Before you can even start cooking, you have to make sure that your coals are properly heated. The most common way that people light their Hibachi grills is by using a chimney starter. Chimney starters are open metal cylinders that are filled with paper and set alight. You surround this cylinder with the coals and once the paper has been lit, the coals will start to turn white around it. This is a great way to get your BBQ started and is a lot easier than trying to light random coals and hoping for the best. Because Hibachi grills are so small, they don’t take too long to heat up and so you can start cooking quite fast.


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