Accessories for Brewing Coffee and Tea

Welcome to our Accessories Store! Here you will find everything you need to prepare your coffee and tea in any exotic – or simplified – way you might desire.

Interested in Vietnamese Iced Coffee? To brew your own strong, sweet, delicious Vietnamese style iced coffee, you will need one of our Vietnamese coffees, some sweetened condensed milk, and either a Phin filter or a French coffee press. Traditionally, the coffee is brewed in a Phin filter placed over a glass full of ice with a thick layer of condensed milk at the bottom. However, you can get a similar taste in a larger volume by brewing the coffee in a French press at 150% strength, and then pouring over ice and condensed milk.

Single cup filter / brewer (Phin)
– Authentic Vietnamese café style

Stainless steel Vietnamese single-cup brewer (called a Phin), 4 piece kit with instructions. This little filter is perfect for brewing a single cup of intense, delicious coffee in the traditional way (6-7 ounces, typically). When guests visit, use a separate filter and cup for each person and add sweetened condensed milk for the authentic coffeehouse experience. We now offer larger capacity Phins as well.

Extra-Large 15oz Phin Coffee Brewer
– Authentic Vietnamese style

The same intense coffee, the same ease of use and cleanup–but now you can make 15 ounces at a time! Brews in the exact same drip method as a regular Phin. Makes two servings (or one BIG serving) of strong hot coffee, or a whole pitcher of iced coffee.

Genuine Vietnamese Sweetened Condensed Milk, Longevity Brand

You might be familiar with American sweetened condensed milk, used to make caramel or pumpkin pies, but Vietnamese sweetened condensed milk is a little different. It is made with thick whole milk for extra creaminess, and as a result, lightens coffee much better than Carnation or other brands available in America.

NEW: Longevity Gold! The difference between the two varieties (Original and Gold) is quite subtle, but Gold has a higher percentage of cream. This gives Gold a distinctly buttery taste that complements the Vietnamese butter-roast very well.

Philippines “Blonde” Muscovado Sugar
– perfect for coffee!

Muscovado sugar is made from sugar cane juice and contains all the natural flavor and minerals, like Demerara sugar. However, blonde Muscovado processing results in a fine-grained sugar that is much easier to use than Demerara. It melts faster in beverages and can be used exactly like regular brown sugar in recipes.

Some Muscovado sugar can be very dark and moist, with a flavor too heavy for coffee. However, we have formed a relationship with a producer in the Philippines whose Muscovado is a lighter-colored, lighter-flavored, dryer-textured sugar that is both easier to use and an absolutely perfect sugar for coffee.

Try it with vanilla! Our vanilla sugar includes a 2″ piece of natural vanilla bean in packed in the bag. It’s fragrant and deliciously vanilla-flavored, and amazing as a topping for fruit, cereal, or toast, too!

Customer testimonial:
“My wife and I became used to enjoying what is called mascabado sugar (same as “muscavado”) while living in Mexico but this organic product from the Phillippines is superior in both texture and flavor. Truly the best sugar we have ever had!”
– Kevin K, Colorado


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