7 Recipes Designed to Help your Body De-stress

If you are someone that experiences constant stress, then you may be looking for ways to try and ease the stress that you are feeling.  Stress can be extremely harmful to your body and may make completing simple everyday tasks seem absolutely impossible. It is recommended by doctors that you avoid stress as much as you can, but in today’s hectic and overwhelming society, this can be impossible to do.  

One way that you can help your body recover from a day of stress is by cooking recipes that are designed to deal with stress, here are 7 recipes designed to help your body de-stress.  

Chocolate Cake  

It is true that nothing can fix your mood better than a slice of delicious chocolate cake. Chocolate is known for its ability to heighten moods and make you feel generally better. We recommend that you bake yourself a delicious chocolate cake, as you can get the enjoyment out of baking as well as the enjoyment of being able to make what you have managed to produce. Dark chocolate in particular is supposed to be extremely helpful in terms of improving general moods, so if this is something that you like then we recommend looking into it.  

CBD infused Foods 

Something that has been no secret in the last few years is the benefit of food infused with cbd oil, it has become common knowledge that CBD has many calming characteristics that can help you battle any feelings of anxiety that you may be experiencing. If you are someone that has access to CBD oil, then you can actually put it in a number of standard recipes that you regularly make.  

Blueberry Pie 

This is a delicious meal and a great way to destress after a day full of anxiety. There was actually a test carried out where doctors used blueberries to treat rats dealing with PTSD. It was found that after introducing a lot of blueberries to their diets, there was actually a drastic increase in the amount of serotonin found within their bodies, which shows just how beneficial the consumption of blueberries can be.  


Much like any fish, Salmon is rich in good fatty acids that are needed for your body.  Salmon has plenty of Omega 3, and studies have shown that an increase in Omega 3 consumption can lead to an improved feeling of relaxation within the body. If you are someone that doesn’t like just eating fish as it is, we recommend that you try something like a salmon fish cake which can easily be made. 

Milky Dessert 

Milk is high in vitamin D, which makes it perfect for perking you up and improving your own general mood levels. It is an old wives tale that having a glass of warm milk before bed will put you in a better mood for tomorrow. Hot milk also encourages you to fall asleep and as we all know, getting plenty of sleep is beneficial to the body and brain. 


This may seem like a strange one, but something that makes you feel a lot better if you are feeling incredibly anxious is having a delicious bowl of soup. Soup is great as it settles the stomach, which is usually where you feel the majority of your anxiety. Much like a nice glass of warm milk, a bowl of warm soup will settle your stomach and help you fall asleep before bed, so that you can have a comfortable night’s rest.   

Carb Based dishes  

Everyone knows that you feel a lot better after indulging in some carbs. Though you shouldn’t eat too many carbs, if you want to improve your mood then there is absolutely no harm in indulging in some tasty food. After having a stressful day, the last thing that you want is to think about eating a healthy meal. Sometimes we all need a bit of comfort eating to flood our bodies with endorphins and get us in a better mood.  If you have had a really stressful day, we recommend that you even treat yourself to a little takeaway after a stressful day, as this will make you feel much better.  


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