5 Unknown Facts about Coffee which will blow your mind

There are many fun facts which are still not known to you about coffee. This is one of the most consumed drink in this world. Due to the benefits of drinking coffee, some fact about it is not given importance. Well, there is no need for you to worry about it because here we are to help you out. In this article, we will look at some unknown facts about coffee, which will blow your mind.

Coffee Drinkers are not likely to get deadly Diseases
Well, this is quite surprising, but you cannot ignore the facts. According to many studies, people with a high amount of caffeine in their world is not likely to get deadly diseases like Skin cancer. In addition to that, an excess amount of caffeine in the blood is a good thing because the person is safe from Alzheimer. Well, who thought that addiction would keep you safe from some of the deadliest diseases which can make your life miserable? Therefore, this is one of the shocking unknown facts about coffee.
Goats originally discovered coffee

We are not sure if this is a funny or surprising fact about coffee, but it is somehow true. You would be interested in knowing that Ethiopia, circa 800 A.D was the period where coffee originated, and a Shepard noticed it. He noticed that his sheeps used to start behaving weird or to dance after eating a certain type of fruit from the bush. He tried the berry and felt the same way and coffee was originate by Goats. Later, monks used these berries to stay up all night an also fixed it with animal fat to make a powder out of it.

Coffee Reduces the Risk of Suicide and Depression
You would know that we live in an era where depression has become quite common and commonly faced metal conditions. In such times, suicide is the most foolish solution which is opted. Coffee helps you to overcome the thoughts of depression and suicide. According to a study, the chances of committing suicide in women drinking 4 cups of coffee reduced by 20%.

Coffee helps to numb or decrease muscle pain
You would not believe this fact, but it is backed by data. If you are a gym freak, then coffee intake can really help. It is advised to increase the intake of protein, but coffee can be helpful. The intake of a cup of coffee can reduce the pain in our muscles by 48%. Fibromyagia is a disease characterized by long-lasting, widespread pain in muscles and bones, sensitivity of certain points in soft tissues (muscles and tendons) and pronounced weakness and fatigue.

Patients feel pain, which has no clear localization, deep in the body, in muscles and bones. The intensity of the pain is very subjective. The pain is felt on both sides of the body and in the arms and legs. Patients complain that they sleep badly, and in the morning they wake up listless and tired, because their sleep did not bring them refreshment and rest. The second main problem is severe fatigue and exhaustion, which reduces physical ability. Patients often complain of general discomfort such as headache and stiffness. They have a feeling that their arm or leg is numb and swollen, even though that swelling is not really present. These symptoms cause anxiety, depression. The diagnosis is made on the basis of data on the presence of pain in 4 areas of the body. By its nature, the pain is continuous and lasts longer than 3 months.

At the same time, the doctor examines that there is a sensitivity of at least 11 out of a total of 18 points on characteristic places on the body. The doctor evaluates the painful sensitivity of certain points on the body with the pressure of the thumb, which is just as reliable as a dolorimeter. It is a special device that can accurately measure the intensity of pain. The main goal in the treatment of fibromyalgia is to reduce the tension that this disease causes in patients. That is why it is important to explain to the family that although the pain is real and strong, there is no severe rheumatic disease, nor is there a danger of joint damage.

A team of specialists of various profiles participates in the treatment. Healing is realized through three forms. The first and most important thing is to implement a gradual program to strengthen the cardiovascular system, with swimming being the best. Another form of treatment is counseling and treatment provided by a psychologist, individually or in a group. Sometimes it is enough to use a special pillow that maintains the correct position of the neck during sleep.

Coffee can energize your body before a workout

If you are not feeling to get up and workout in the gym, then here we are to help you out. A cup of coffee can be very helpful for you to get in your zone and produce energy in your body. You would know how caffeine can help you out when you lack energy.
We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed.


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