5 Mini-Dishes Perfect for Anyone Cutting Down on Food

When it comes to the time in your life where you want to start prioritizing your health and cutting down on the unhealthy foods that you eat, it can be very difficult to get into a routine that you can follow. It is too tempting to go for an unhealthier meal that is going to satisfy you a lot more than a smaller dish that is healthier, however just because you are looking at cutting down on the amount of food that you eat it doesn’t mean that flavorsome foods are off-limits to you.  

Cesar Salad

A traditional Cesar salad consists of lettuce, croutons, cheese, chicken, bacon, and dressing, it can be a  great lunch that will fuel you into the later hours of the day or as a main meal if you were to make a bigger portion. This dish is great for someone who is trying to cut down on food as it has a balance of food groups with the most unhealthy item being the small amount of cheese that you scatter over the salad, this dish may not be the most adventurous but when made properly it can be a healthy and delicious snack.   

Fish Cakes

Cutting your portions shouldn’t mean that you are finishing a meal still hungry, when it comes to finding healthy main meals it can be hard to find a balance as this is probably going to be the biggest meal you have in the day. Fish cakes are usually made with flaked fish of your preference combined into a patty with mashed potato and some veggies. Fish cakes are very healthy and the fish adds a lot of nutritional value to the dish that will leave you feeling satisfied and dull for a long time. 


There is a common misconception that pasta dishes are unhealthy as they consist of carbohydrates, when you are cutting down on the food you should also be doing some form of regular exercise to really feel the benefit. Having a pasta dish can be a great source of nutrition and fuel especially before your workout. The great thing about most pasta dishes is that you can add anything you want to make it healthier and tastier. Some people even add supplements to pasta dishes as the flavor can really be masked under the delicious food, supplements could be a great option to help you lose weight and you should definitely check out some phenq supplement reviews to see if this is something that could work for you and your body.


I don’t believe that it is as well known as it should be how healthy eggs are for your health. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and having an egg omelet can be a great start to your day and a huge source of protein. Omelets are very versatile so whether you prefer them to be plain or packed with a range of meats and vegetables you are sure to get a substantial and healthy breakfast that can fuel you for a good few hours. 

Avocado on Toast

The final dish on this list that is perfect for someone who is looking to cut down the amount of food that they eat would be something simple like avocado on toast, avocados hold a lot of nutritional value and this dish can be enjoyed at any point in your day. It is so simple to make so for those of you that are struggling with finding the time to make a healthy meal this would be perfect for you. 


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