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Trung Nguyen Coffees

Brewing: Most of our Vietnamese coffees are available in whole bean if you want to create your own grind for a home brewing machine of any type. When purchased pre-ground, the grind level is medium-coarse and is best used in a cone-shaped-filter drip machine, French Press or Vietnamese Phin Filter, Aero Press, or Chemex-style filter.

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Creative One (Culi Robusta)

Dark, strong, full-bodied and naturally sweet, can stand up to plenty of milk and sugar. A particularly excellent choice for iced coffee.

Trung NGuyen creative 1

Trademark heirloom Vietnamese Robusta originally established in Vietnam in 1890 - 1922, made from select Culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) beans for richest flavor. Dark, strong, full-bodied and naturally sweet, can stand up to plenty of milk and sugar. A particularly excellent choice for iced coffee.

The Vietnamese pioneered and perfected the Robusta variety over a hundred years ago. Yet in the late 20th century, much of the gourmet quality of this heirloom variety was lost due to improper cultivation and harvesting. The Culi Robusta is Trung Nguyen's triumphant return to the best gourmet Robusta in the world. There simply is no other source that we have found that exemplifies the true potential of gourmet, heirloom Robusta raised in the perfect climate, picked in multiple sessions, and sun-dried for up to 100 days to achieve the full ripeness and wonderful flavor tones that cannot be duplicated in water-washed coffees.

Creative #1 is an extremely full-bodied coffee, partially Culi or "peaberry mix, that fills the room with superior aroma. Some can detect a chocolaty flavor, too, that originates from the long ripening process. It is difficult to describe this coffee to Americans who have never had access to a gourmet heirloom Robusta, and who have been told that only Arabica coffee can be exceptional. This is one of the world's best gourmet "cheap thrills". Because of the prolific growth of Robusta, this coffee is available in a price range well below its worth in quality.

It makes an excellent, strong iced coffee. We stock some locations that brew the Culi Robusta commercially as their only iced coffee and it has performed better than their previous brands. However, the Culi Robusta does not store well as an iced coffee, so it should be served only on the day it is brewed.

The Culi Robusta is a high-caffeine coffee, with about 40% more caffeine than most Arabicas. It's hard to brew this coffee too strong. as it has few faults. It performs well in most drip machines at one level tablespoon, or more to taste, per cup. It can be doubled up in a Phin or French Press for an espresso intensity. It also is a great mixer for improving the flavor of that expensive Arabica coffee you have in your pantry that you were disappointed with. Blend your own Arabica/Robusta mix and you will join the millions who say "Wow!" over Culi Robusta in any form.

Robusta is a superior coffee for those who like to drink their coffee with cream and sugar, since it has been lab-proven that Robusta flavors are not masked by cream and sugar, unlike many Arabicas.

Creative One - Culi Robusta

creative one culi robusta coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Two (Robusta Arabica)

Blend of rich, bold Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular and well-rounded coffees.

creative two robusta arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam Sang Tao 2
Left: 250g package. Right: 340g package.

The Trung Nguyen Robusta Arabica is definitely the hands-down most accessible and popular coffee served in our taste testings and Market booths. It's a wonderful blend of high-quality Arabica and heirloom Robusta. It is an "anytime" coffee, with medium caffeine, well-balanced blended taste, and as good iced as it is hot. We suspect that at one time, a blend like this was the standard approach to fine coffee served around the world, before the days of modern hybrids and confined one-species tastes.

If you have never tried Vietnamese coffee, here is a perfect first candidate. In over 20,000 taste tests we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who were not enthusiastic about this coffee.

This coffee is best brewed at 1.5 tablespoons per cup, in a cone-shaped drip machine, French Press, percolator or any soak method. For some reason the coffee is not as successful in commercial machines as some of the other Trung Nguyen coffees, so we don't recommend it as a coffeehouse coffee, despite its immense popularity in home brewing. The whole bean is exceptionally flavorful, and could be experimented with if you want to use the #2 as a base for coffee specialty drinks and a house coffee.

If you are introducing a friend to Vietnamese coffee and you don't know their tastes, you can't go wrong with this balanced and delicious popular favorite coffee with a budget price.

Creative Two - Robusta Arabica


creative two robusta arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam creative two robusta arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Three (Arabica Se)

Select Buon Me Thuot Highland Arabica. Se means "Sparrow", the name given to this indigenously developed varietal, grown only in Vietnam. A sweet, refreshing coffee with no bitterness. Floral and vanilla notes; extremely versatile.

The Trung Nguyen Arabica Se is one of the world's most select and superior Arabica coffees. The Se stands for "Sparrow". The Sparrow Arabica is a cultivar grown exclusively in Vietnam and is noted for its mild acidity and superb balance. We often describe it as "what a donut-shop coffee wants to be when it grows up"!

If you object to the flavors in the new hybrid Arabicas, which can be redolant of licorice, lemon or barley, you will enjoy the fully old-world taste of this fine Arabica.

The Arabica Se is such a great combination of mild acidity and balanced aroma and taste that it is well suited as an all-purpose coffee, served any time of day and excellent for icing.

It's also a perfect dessert coffee, being a little sweet and wonderfully rich, so it isn't eclipsed by your Tiramisu. Iced, it should be brewed strong. It's impossible to make the Se bitter by brewing, so use it in any brewing method and feel free to double the amount of grinds or even make it Turkish-style if you begin with whole bean and grind it fine.

This coffee is also a good candidate for cold brewing, where it picks up floral tones and becomes a low-acid but flavorful coffee when used in an iced coffee concentrate.

The Se works well in any brewing method, including even basket filter drip machines.

Creative Three - Arabica SE


creative three arabica se coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Four (Premium Culi)

Blend of culi (single, unsplit) beans of Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. Strong, deep, dark and complex.

creative four coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam Sang Tao 4
Left: 250g package. Right: 340g package.

The quintessential coffeehouse favorite, and Trung Nguyen's proudest traditional multi-bean blend.

This coffee is a gourmet's dream blend. Trung Nguyen puts together carefully selected Culi (unsplit "peaberries") from 4 different varieties. A lot of care and balancing goes into this coffee, and Trung Nguyen is rewarded by many loyal Vietnamese drinkers who proclaim this their favorite brew.

There are a lot of complex flavors in this coffee, and it also runs a little to the bitter and acid tastes, which is a plus for people who want a full-bodied coffee experience. If you like strong coffee, double up on this one and go for the gusto! In winter this is a comfort coffee, with its rich, appetite-awakening flavor and aroma. In the summer it ices well and picks up different flavor tones.

Many restaurants and coffeeshops serve this coffee as their one, representative "Vietnamese coffee" in the Phin single-serving filter. Sometimes fans of this coffee will double it up in the small filter and drink it espresso-strength.

Culi-based coffees have an edge to them that is lost if stored in the fridge as iced coffee concentrate. Drink it fresh... and brew it right onto ice if you can. It's a sipping coffee when made strong, delightful in every taste.

Interestingly, the Creative #4 Premium Culi is one of the more successful coffees for brewing in home drip machines, and it works well in Bunn-style office carafe machines. At one level tablespoon per coffee you get a mild but broad taste. At 1.5 or 2 tablespoons you get that intense flavor it is famous for.

As with most Vietnamese coffees, if you can control the temperature you can get different effects. At 185° brewing you accent all the extra flavor tones and the chocolate/vanilla hints. At 205° you lose those flavor tones and get a more American-style coffee.

Creative Four - Premium Culi

creative four premium culi coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam creative four premium culi coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Five (Culi Arabica)

Hand-selected culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) Arabica beans from Buon Me Thuot Highlands for intense and complex 100% Arabica multi-source flavor. Fragrant, smooth, yet with a dark edge from the peaberries; a gourmet choice.

creative five culi arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam Sang Tao 2
Left: 250g package. Right: 340g package.

The Culi Arabica is a world-class, multi-source, peaberry blended coffee. The Creative #5 is a coffeehouse favorite here in the USA. One bakery/coffeeshop here in New England displays the Culi Arabica in a presspot along with 6-7 other world-class coffees from Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, etc., and tells us that their patrons self-select the Culi Arabica over ANY OTHER coffee they have offered.

This is a fragrant heirloom Arabica coffee with a complexity in the low tones one might expect from gourmet Robusta or Excelsa coffee. There is not a hint of objectionable modern hybrid licorice or barley taste. It is a favorite in winter due to its comforting dark, peaberry edge and broad flavor range. It has a haunting aftertaste that commands a second cup. In the summer it has an edge that makes it a unique and superb iced coffee.

You can go in many directions brewing the Creative #5. It's an Arabica that can be brewed lightly to provide a superbly balanced breakfast-style coffee, but it also is a peaberry, dark coffee that can be brewed strong to provide a Full City Roast intensity with no bitterness.

To brew light, you may want to use as little as a level tablespoon per cup. But you can go as strong as you like, even stacking it high in a Phin filter to get an espresso-like result. This is a coffee that is immensly versatile and fun, and for many Trung Nguyen fans, it's their favorite all-round blend.

For calibrating this coffee for commercial brewing, we suggest the whole bean, set to the grind you need. In commercial machines, if the grind is off, the flavor result can move from light to dark too easily, and some of the fabulous flavor hints can be lost, particularly if brewing at a high temperature (above 195°). The grind is good for Bunn-style carafe brewers, where the results are reliable and delicious and will surpass any coffee service coffee.

For home brewing, the pre-ground is perfect for cone-filter drip machines, percs, cold-brewing, Phin filters and French Press, so you typically won't get any flavor advantage from grinding it yourself. If you use a basket-style machine you may want the whole bean and it should be ground to medium-fine.

Creative Five - Culi Arabica


creative five culi arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam creative five culi arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Passiona (naturally low-caffeine!)

Naturally low-caffeine selection of Arabica and Chari (Excelsa). This immensely popular coffee here in the USA has been discontinued by Trung Nguyen company without any explanation. We are petitioning the company to return the Passiona to production, but we have no news at this time. Currently we are sold out and we have no expected restock date. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to the many followers of this coffee.

Sensitive to caffeine? Click here for a Caffeine Comparison Chart.

passiona naturally low-caffeine coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

A rare and unique coffee, the low-caffeine Passiona is NOT "decaffeinated". That means no chemical processes, and no loss of flavor. Passiona has about 35% of the normal caffeine, which means it is actually comparable to many so-called "decaf" coffees, or about the level of black tea. This is accomplished not by artificially removing the caffeine, but by cultivating varieties of coffee that simply grow with less caffeine in them. The key component is the Chari (Excelsa) bean, a rarely-grown coffee that is difficult to harvest and process, but contains very little caffeine. The Chari is then blended with fine Arabicas to give added smoothness and richness to the flavor, and the result is one of our most popular blends.

Available Ground only

We are sorry, but we are unable to supply Passiona at this time because Trung Nguyen has discontinued it.

We encourage you to try another delicious coffee by Trung Nguyen: the Creative 3. Many people who love Passiona also enjoy Creative 3, and it is relatively low in caffeine (70 mg per serving). Alternatively, you could try our own 'Amorata' coffee, which is even lower in caffeine and was created especially to help fill the void left by Passiona's absence.

passiona naturally low-caffeine coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Legendee Gold - Sang Tao 8

Legendee Gold is a coffee created in the style of the classic Legendee, but with a new approach to taste and balance. Characteristics of this new coffee include an incredible natural sweetness --many customers who regularly sweeten their coffee like this coffee unsweetened-- and an acidity and aroma more typical of fine Arabicas than the original Legendee blend.

The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA. Legendee is sometimes referred to as "weasel" coffee in Vietnam.

One of the world's most famous coffees, the Legendee is a unique enzymatically-treated coffee that releases flavors bound in the beans and not released under ordinary processing. The Legendee product is largely regarded as the world's most successful attempt to produce a coffee with the balance and flavor of the famous Kopi Luwak, or Civet/Weasel coffee. Trung Nguyen worked hard on achieving a new balance of Arabica and Excelsa beans in this formula.

The Legendee Gold is now being packaged under the "retro" name of Sang Tao 8, or Creative 8. Trung Nguyen first become famous with the introduction of the Creative Coffee series numbered from 1 to 8. Over the years, they dropped the numbers for coffees 5 through 9, but now the Legendee has returned to its original name of Sang Tao 8. A coffee that please all tastes, It makes an excellent gift that is sure to impress.

Tourists to Vietnam often don't consider their visit complete until they have sat in a Trung Nguyen coffeehouse and tried the Legendee brewed by the single-cup Phin filters. We get a lot of comments also that the Legendee is more available here to buy on our site for home brewing than it is in Vietnam, and at a lower cost. The Trung Nguyen coffeehouses in Vietnam seem to consider it more of a trademark coffee for single-serve at the café than something people buy to take home.

Legendee Gift Package

Legendee gift box packaging
Gift Package (click to enlarge)

New offering! The Legendee Gift Box contains two bags of Legendee Sang Tao 8 in gold foil vacuum packaging for a total of 500g of gourmet coffee. This box is high quality, heavyweight glossy paperboard and perfect for gifting, and, as with all Legendee items, it comes with a card explaining the history of the coffee and giving advice on how to get the best out of the coffee, ensuring that the lucky recipient can fully enjoy their gift.


  • (For whole bean, see "Classic Legendee Whole Bean" below)

Legendee Gold

Classic Whole Bean Legendee

The original Legendee blend, with a higher percentage of peaberries and Robusta, and correspondingly darker flavor that ices exceptionally well.

The whole bean Legendee in the silver bag is a slightly different blend than the ground Legendee in the gold bag. It features a higher percentage of peaberries and Robusta, with correspondingly darker flavor. It is delicious hot, of course; however, it is even more exceptional iced. Many people, including quite a few of us here in the office, consider this the very best iced coffee in the world.

The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA. Legendee is sometimes referred to as "weasel" coffee in Vietnam.

Classic Legendee

  • Whole Bean, 250g: $19.95
    (Approx. $36.27 per lb)

Gourmet Blend

Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend of all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil vent bags within decorative boxes (500 gram total, 1.17 pounds). This is the traditional House Blend coffee served at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

New Packaging: Trung Nguyen is currently doing a 2013 commemorative promotion in Vietnam, a sort of combination Raffle and social awareness campaign. Very loosely translated, the name of the event is "Creating Wishes in Vietnam". Our most recent shipment of Gourmet Blend reflects this: the labeling is in 100% Vietnamese and the front of the box has a colorful banner. Rest assured that the coffee inside is the same Gourmet Blend you know and love.

The recent export packaging update has given this coffee a new name, the Gourmet Blend. The coffee itself is exactly the same, so don't worry, House Blend fans! The new box is very attractive and we are pleased to offer the same delicious coffee in its new packaging. This new design is the only true continuation of the House Blend formula in export packaging, so if you find the old box in an Asian market with no English on it, it was been brought to the USA on the grey market by unauthorized distributors and is actually NOT the original House Blend formula. The box must say "Gourmet Blend" to be genuine and have the English text.

The trademark Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend in the decorative box is an inexpensive introduction to the world of TN blended coffees. It is often the first TN coffee that people try, since it is the house coffee for the TN coffeeshops throughout Vietnam, and the most common coffee exported by TN.

It is a careful blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (aka Excelsa), and Catimor) that are grown under Trung Nguyen direction in ideal environments across the Buon Me Thuot Highlands. The blend is incredibly fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit, and it's a great coffee that should be brewed at 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance.

Makes an incredible cup of coffee in the single-cup Vietnamese filters and in a French Press, but we have also had great success with any drip coffeemaker that takes a medium or coarse grind, percolators and office-style coffee machines (Bunn, etc.) In drip machines or percolators, just be sure to use about 20% less than you would with most other coffees, because this formula, as with most TN coffees, is very dense and flavorful and will brew more coffee per tablespoon than most other brands.

Inside the box are two 250-gram mylar bags with CO2 vents for freshness (~1.1 lb).

Gourmet Blend


gourmet blend coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

If you like Gourmet Blend, you may also like Premium Blend, now on sale for up to 35% off!

Buon Me Thuot Special

Considered a "Home Blend" in Vietnam, this special blend is a slightly milder version of the Gourmet Blend and is sold through grocery stores there. Originally we introduced a limited supply of this coffee, which is usually not available for export, to supermarkets here in the USA, and it built up a big following. Since that time we have been deluged by requests for the coffee, so we are now keeping it in-stock permanently.

The Buon Me Thuot Special is a blend of Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa) and Catimor beans. In traditional Vietnamese roasting and flavor balancing style, Trung Nguyen created a trademark "every occasion" coffee with a rich, broad flavor and buttery mouthfeel, with excellent aftertaste and keeping qualities. This is a highly affordable coffee with great heritage, sophisticated balance and many hints of chocolate, fruit and nut.

Buon Me Thuot Special


Premium Blend

The Premium Blend in the can is a popular home-brew Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans. Trung Nguyen adds natural flavorings to this blend; it is the only Creative Coffee that has an additional ingredients other than a small amount of oil traditionally used in the roasting process. It's a great coffee in perfect balance, and the flavors added (cocoa being one) are not detectable as added flavors; they seem to be very subtle.

We're sorry, but we cannot ship Premium Blend to military or non-continental addresses. Shipping Premium Blend is, in general, much more expensive than shipping a bagged coffee, due to the shape of the can.

The Premium Blend in the can is a popular home-brew Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans. Trung Nguyen adds natural flavorings to this blend; it is the only Creative Coffee that has an additional ingredients other than a small amount of butter oil traditionally used in the roasting process. It's a great coffee in perfect balance, hot or iced, and the flavors added (cocoa being one) are not detectable as added flavors; they seem to be very subtle.

The Premium Blend has always been a trademark specialty of Trung Nguyen and it helped to make the company famous. It's a stunning coffee with a medium-coarse grind that is intended for single-serve Phin filter or French Press. It is relative high in caffeine and has a pleasant acidity and persistant aftertaste. Many of our customers drink only the Premium Blend. You might even call it a cult favorite!

ALLERGY NOTE: The premium Blend does contain a small amount of cocoa flavoring. Anybody highly sensitive to chocolate or cocoa ingredients should choose a different coffee selection.

Premium Blend


premium blend coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Single-Cup Coffee Brewer
- Authentic Vietnamese café style

stainless steel vietnamese coffee filter

Although Trung Nguyen coffees brew well in regular drip coffeemakers and French presses, we also offer the Vietnamese-style Phin filter for those wishing to re-create an authentic café experience. Coffee is made one cup at a time in these single-serving brewers, usually over sweetened condensed milk, and results in an intense cup of strong, rich coffee.

Browse a variety of Phin filters in our Accessories shop!

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