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Unroasted (Green) Coffee Beans from Vietnam

We recently began importing unroasted coffee beans from the highlands of Vietnam! If you have a roaster and want to do the roasting yourself, it's fun, easy, and a way to save money.

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Our new store, Len's Coffee, is focused on home roasters and small commercial roasters. It features a wealth of information written by us to answer your questions and help you succeed in roasting your perfect cup. Also, Len's Coffee offers a wider range of coffees, including green versions of our most popular blends, like Jerome Street Blend.

Green (Unroasted) Vietnamese Coffee Kit

Like our roasted coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit, this is the perfect collection of ingredients to make Cafe Sua Da at home and experience Grade A Vietnamese coffee beans fresh roasted and brewed in the traditional style.

Trung Nguyen Phin
Detail of Trung Nguyen Phin
Dalat Blend: Our trademark blend of triple-sorted Dalat Region Bourbon Arabica, peaberry Robusta and Buon Me Thuot Region Excelsa are blended in a 50/30/20 mix that gives the traditional Vietnamese multi-species taste profile - chocolate tones, buttery-smooth, low-acid coffee that the Vietnamese have become famous for producing an serving in thousands of coffee shops across Southeast Asia.

Single Species (Arabica and Robusta): The Single Species Kit lets you mix and match the two main bean species that give Vietnamese coffee its trademark flavor - Dalat Region Bourbon Arabica and highland Peaberry Robusta. See how each species contributes to the traditional Vietnamese flavor profile - chocolate tones, buttery-smooth, low-acid coffee that the Vietnamese have become famous for producing an serving in thousands of coffee shops across Southeast Asia.

Kit includes green unroasted beans, one 6-ounce capacity Trung Nguyen logo Phin filter (gravity insert style, easier to use than screw-down types), genuine Longevity sweetened condensed milk in the 14 ounce can, and full guidelines to enjoying Vietnamese coffee and using your Phin filter. Great fun and fabulous coffee for the home roaster to enjoy!

Green (Unroasted) Vietnamese Coffee Kit
6oz Stainless Steel Phin Filter with Trung Nguyen logo, 14oz Sweetened Condensed Milk, and your choice of coffee:


Vietnamese Dalat Bourbon Arabica
- Heirloom Variety

Town in the Dalat Central Highlands
Central Dalat Highlands town showing
coffee terraces in background

100% pure fresh-roasted heirloom Bourbon Arabica beans, grown on sustainable agriculture farms that contribute to the local community.

Bourbon (pronounced burr-BONE) originates from the island of Bourbon (called Reunion today). It is generally considered one of the two largest divisions of the Arabica genetic "tree", the other being Arabica Typica. Bourbon Arabica beans are characterized by a roundness and mellowness of flavor that modern arabicas often lack, coupled with a balanced acidity and smooth mouthfeel. One reason this variety is prized in Vietnam is that it has some similar characteristics to good Robusta, which are low acidity, high body and chocolate tone. One of the reasons Bourbon appeals to many coffee lovers is the pronounced main flavor tone of caramel. The trees these beans grow on were preserved on these estate farms when everyone else was re-planting their farms with modern hybrids, and we're very glad that they were!

Unroasted (Green) Vietnamese Dalat Bourbon Arabica


Vietnamese Highland Robusta Peaberries
- Regional Specialty

Bantai organic shade grown robusta coffee beans
Click to enlarge

Town in the Dalat Central Highlands
Town in the Central Dalat Highlands region
showing coffee terraces in background

Vietnamese Robusta is the secret ingredient in Italian espresso. Its lush body, chocolatey taste, and excellent aftertaste are a product of the rich soil in Vietnam, and the fact that they are able to sun-dry the coffee cherries, which develops Robusta's natural sweetness. This peaberry Robusta is almost entirely peaberries, extremely high-quality and hand graded, for the most complex and flavorful brew.

Why Robusta? Scientific tests have shown that people around the world, including the USA, are evenly divided between "front palate" people and "back palate" people. We find that people who respond well to Vietnamese coffees in general tend to be "back palate" people, and Robusta excites primarily the back of the palate. In particular, Vietnamese high-altitude Robusta has developed indigenously to be almost its own subspecies, and the gourmet Robusta from this region is exceptionally delicious, quite unlike the low-altitude versions and Brazilian Robusta.

What's a peaberry? The coffee bean is the seed of the coffee fruit, which is also called a "cherry." Normally, each cherry contains two seeds, which is why coffee beans are rounded on one side and flat on the other (flat from being pressed together). Sometimes, between 5% and 15% of the crop will contain only one seed inside a smaller cherry. The coffee bean within is round, like a pea. These peaberries used to be discarded, until someone realized that the peaberries have a more intense and complex flavor, with a characteristic bite. The Vietnamese Highlands region is particularly intriguing for its peaberries, which feature in most of its famous local coffees.

Unroasted (Green) Vietnamese Highlands Robusta Peaberries


Vietnamese Excelsa
- Exotic new variety

Excelsa is one of the four remaining genetically distinct commercial species of coffee and accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. It is used in Vietnam as a blending coffee, being added to other varieties of coffee to add complexity and depth. It's a vital ingredient in Trung Nguyen's blended coffees, including the famous Gourmet Blend, Buon Me Thuot Special, and Creative Four.

Our Excelsa was grown on coffee farms in the Dalat Highlands area of Vietnam. They have been processed by the traditional sun-drying method made possible by Vietnam's reliably long, hot summer. This all-dry process is sometimes called a "honey" process.

These beans come to us in a very natural state. We sift through the coffee by hand, visually inspecting every lot to remove broken beans and small bits of dried coffee fruit, which are a result of the drying process and the beans' non-uniform size. Excelsa itself has a highly variable fruit, producing seeds of all shapes and sizes, as you can see in the image. This is part of its unique character.

Excelsa has a distinctive tart, fruity, dark, mysterious taste. In blends, it enhances the middle and back palate and lingering finish of the coffee, giving the cup more substance and power. Brewed on its own, it is a compelling and unique coffee experience, like a good Scotch.

Excelsa Coffee Unroasted (Green)


Mercedes Farm Nicaraguan Catimor

Lorena picking coffee
Lorena harvesting her coffee

Catimor is a secret ingredient found in many local coffee blend formulas, both in Nicaragua and Vietnam. It is a crucial component of Creative Four and Gourmet Blend. It loves light roasts and blooms with deliciously fruity tones when roasted blonde. At any roast, it offers a sweet and pleasing aroma and an astonishingly good and long-lasting finish that calls you back for another sip.

Mercedes Farm is located in a forest preserve, where hardwood trees and patches of undeveloped land provide ample wildlife habitat. Your purchase helps the farm recover from the devastating Coffee Rust (La Rolla) and encourages production of rust-resistant heirloom coffees like Catimor.

Why a Nicaraguan farm? Because Catimor is not normally offered for export. It's due to farmer Lorena's chutspah that we have it at all--she contacted us directly to offer her farm's Catimor. We're so glad she did!

Mercedes Farms Catimor

Catimor tree Waterfall on the farm Green catimor beans in a bag

Green, Unroasted Liberica Beans

A unique and irreplacable part of our worldwide coffee heritage, Liberica is an entirely separate species of coffee. Its almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. We guarantee you have never tasted anything like this rare and exotic coffee.

Liberica is a vanishing species of coffee that is only now being brought back from the brink of extinction, and your purchase supports conservation of both the coffee and the forests where it grows.

Unroasted (Green) Liberica Coffee

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