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authentic vietnamese coffee brewer just like they use in cafes
6 & 8oz gravity

authentic vietnamese coffee brewer just like they use in cafes
11oz gravity

screw-down Chinese style coffee brewer
6oz screw-down

Discover Vietnamese Stainless Steel Single-Cup Coffee Filter

The gravity insert filter kit used in Trung Nguyen coffeeshops in Vietnam for Cà phê sua dá (or Cafe sua da). The flavor obtained from these small and inexpensive brewers is incomparable. No paper filters needed, no big machine setup or cleaning needed to brew a simple cup of delicious coffee.

The new stainless steel version has a heavier insert and brews wonderfully. Note: the screw-down style of filter is Chinese-style, but some users prefer it for its finer control. These filters are solidly built and brew a very nice cup of coffee. The Stainless Steel construction lasts for years and stays spotless.

Please keep in mind that the original-size filters brew a single cup of coffee in traditional volume, about 6 ounces of intense brew, generally expected to be sipped. These are not mug-volume or large quantity brewers. To brew more coffee, use more than one filter or try our NEW 8 or 11 ounce size! Also see our French Coffee Press or Tea/Coffee Pot brewers.


6oz Phin: Spanner is 3-1/2" wide, chamber interior is 2-5/16" wide, chamber height is 2-1/4"

8oz Phin: Spanner is 3-7/8" wide, chamber interior is 2-5/8" wide, chamber height is 2-1/4"

11oz Phin: Spanner is 4-1/4" wide, chamber interior is 3-1/8", chamber height is 3"

All Grade 2 extra-strong stainless steel.

Our Own Video Instructions

Stainless Steel Filter Set, 4 piece set with instructions:


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